Friday, May 23, 2014

And the doctor said...

Go to an allergist!  :)

I do feel much better after this appointment, though.  My doctor had heard of Mast Cell Activation Disorders and agrees that my history definitely is in line with a mast cell problem.  She also encouraged me to go back to the base low histamine diet to hopefully keep me stable until I see the allergist.  If I was not currently nursing my the month old she would have put me on Claritin twice daily with Benadryl for any break through issues since that worked well for me the last time I had a really bad flair up.  Granted, once the antihistamines controlled the chronic hives, my "asthma" came back and I was nearly hospitalized.  Everything was entirely over once I moved out of my condo and washed all my clothes.  Apparently I was reacting to the laundry products of someone else in my building.

The allergist/immunologist to whom she has referred me will hopefully know about Mast Cell Activation Disorders.  My doctor said that this practice is very academic and knowledgeable about current research.  I will certainly update everyone once I see the allergist.

Here is what I will be bringing the allergist:

My latest rash pictures
My lifelong symptoms summary
Mast cell activation disease: a concise practical guide for diagnostic workup and therapeutic options
The Mastocytosis Society Special Edition Newsletter for Healthcare Professionals 2014

I will keep looking at articles to see what else I might bring but I don't necessarily want to bombard the doctor with too much as they won't likely then read it all.  I am now very hopeful that they will have an understanding of mast cell activation disorders and won't even need my resources.

Thank you to all of you that prayed.  I was so incredibly nervous about this appointment.  Not everyone in the medical community is open to patients offering up a diagnosis to consider.