Monday, June 16, 2014

How are things with the trigger gone? (post one week)

I have definitely improved since my husband stopped using that hair product but have not yet returned completely to baseline.  I was using my inhaler at least twice a day before but am still using it as often as once a day. My energy level is almost back to normal but I am still easily overwhelmed.  I still am having to "borrow" energy from the next day to do something today.  Before I had nothing to borrow.  Yesterday I demonstrated that I am currently still quite sun sensitive as I burned after 4 pm.  Generally when in normal health for me, I can enjoy the sun before 10 am and after 3 pm.  I am having random severe itchy periods that are responding thus far to a single dose of Benadryl.

During this time I have also returned to eating a fairly normal standard american diet.  Since I was still able to consume traditional oatmeal, baking powder and other lightly gluten containing food I did try wheat again.  it turns out that I can tolerate a single serving of wheat but consuming more than one serving causes GI and skin reactions.  Thus, I am limiting my gluten consumption and mostly eating gluten free meals.  When we are traveling this summer, I will not need to strictly limit my gluten consumption as long as my symptoms remain mild.

I am consuming high histamine food thus far (mostly berries as they are in season right now) and am not seeming to react to them.  I am VERY hopeful that I'll be able to try to treat my illness with a high nutrient diet in the near future.  :)

I did add Claritin to my daily medications so some of my health improvement could be related to that antihistamine.  As mentioned, I am also taking Benadryl as needed for significant itchiness not covered by the Claritin.  Thus far those medications have not seemed to impact my nursing relationship with my son.  I wanted to make sure that I would be able to pre-treat myself with those medications to help with our upcoming traveling.  I really do not want to end up in the ER due to random exposures to perfumes, scents and personal products while we are not home.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!