Monday, June 2, 2014

Low Histamine Week Five

What should I say about my fifth week on the low histamine diet?  On Day 30, I started having asthma related symptoms and daily worsening health.  Joint pain, muscle pain, more hives, asthma attacks, bad headaches, sinus issues, woozy/pass out feelings, heartburn, etc.  After my very disappointing allergist appointment, I had some high histamine foods for a few days.  Nothing seemed to worsen except for the heartburn and the eczema rash started back on my hands.  

My husband and I came up with The Plan.  On Sunday I started a modified low histamine diet in hopes that I could return my health to the slight improvement I had over the first two weeks which would be a massive improvement from where I am now.  I will be leaving out the following low histamine foods because I seem to have reacted to them during my first try:

sunflower seeds
ice cream

I inadvertently ate spinach (high histamine) regularly starting at the beginning of the worsening of my health so I do not plan to try spinach again for awhile.  I am very hopeful that spinach caused my increasingly debilitating symptoms but it is likely to just be wishful thinking on my part.  I am leaving potatoes in at this point since they will help me to maintain my weight and also are very useful in gluten free baking.  If things are still bad, we will consider taking the potatoes out before considering the low histamine diet a complete failure.

So, week five was worse than week four.  I am almost to the point of needing to be on continuous antihistamines and adding asthma controlling inhalers.  My pain level is definitely up to at least a four each day with regular flares to five or six.  I hope to have a wonderful update a week from today.

Week Five details will be on My Low Histamine Experiment page.

P.S. Benadryl (dye free, of course) is amazing.  I will definitely be keeping that on hand for future needs.  I got a rash all over my hands and arms from weeding the flower bed - I actually didn't get it all done because the rash happened rather quickly.  I took a Benadryl at my husband's insistence and the rash was gone within about twenty minutes.  Wow! Now I know why Benadryl is such a big hit in the MCAD community.